November Food Results

After the failure of October, I was determined that we would be better in November.  We did much better than we did in October, but not as good as September.  The overall spend for food was $1,229.

                      Monthly Spending Recap                     
                                       Nov.        Sept.           Aug
Fast Food                       $71            $74                $79
Gas Station Food        $52            $46              $100
Groceries                    $788          $647          $1,263
Restaurants                $308          $222             $360
Total                         $1,229          $989          $1,802

Fast Food  – Saved $3
Down $8 from August, but overall not a big place I see us cutting spending.

Gas Station Food – Increased $6
We went out of town and bought a couple snacks on the way.  I am not real surprised about this slightly increased.  

Groceries – Increased $147
We spent $94 at Costco in November and $0 in September.  We also hosted a Thanksgiving brunch in November and did no hosting at our house in September.   

Restaurants – Increased $86
While we were visiting family and friends this month we picked up a couple meal tabs that amounted to $100.  We also ate out at local restaurants in our town a couple other times.  I believe an average of $300 per month is pretty reasonable for us as we do enjoy eating out occasionally.   

We are doing better than we started off in August, but I would like to see us reduce our monthly grocery bill to $550.  Maybe December will be the month for this (fingers crossed)

Onward to December.   

      Mrs. SIPP

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